Volunteer Hours

January Mardi Gras 66 Hours
  Raffle 2 Hours
February Raffle 2 Hours
  Mardi Gras 120 Hours
March Raffle 2 Hours
  United Way of Escambia County 1 Hour
April Road Clean-up 40 Hours
  Raffle 2 Hours
May Raffle 2 Hours
  Funds Distribution 16 Hours
June Raffle 2 Hours
July Funds Collection 2 Hours
  Raffle 2 Hours
  Junior Achievement of NW Florida 1 Hour
August Raffle 2 Hours
September Raffle 2 Hours
October Funds Collection 2 Hours
  Panhandle Equine Rescue Presentation 30 Hours
  Books Collection 2 Hours
November Books Collection 2 Hours
December Book Wrapping 28 Hours
  Books Collection 4 Hours
  Christmas Book Drive 24 Hours
Total Hours: January-December 2016  356  Hours

 Funds Raised & Donated

January Mardi Gras   $108.00 Raised
  Raffle   $21.00 Raised
February Raffle   $42.00 Raised
March Raffle   $40.50 Raised
  United Way of Escambia County (Tornado Relief)   $200.00 Donated
April Raffle   $137.00 Raised
May Raffle   $100.00 Raised
  PHOP Outreach   $500.00 Donated
June Raffle   $56.00 Raised
July Anonymous Donation   $200.00 Raised
  Raffle   $23.00 Raised
  Junior Achievement of NWFL (In Memory of Frances Yeo)   $100.00 Donated
August Raffle   $55.00 Raised
September Raffle   $135.00 Raised
October Donation for Panhandle Equine Rescue   $100.00 Raised
  Panhandle Equine Rescue Donation from PHOP   $500.00 Donated
November Christmas Book Drive   $2000.00 Raised (books)
December Christmas Book Drive   $2000.00 Donated
Total Funds Raised/Donated: January-December 2016   $3017.50 Raised / $3300.00 Donated


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Macaw Bird Park Annual Cleanup

Macaw Bird Park Annual Cleanup

Annual Mardi Gras Bowl for Junior Achievement

Annual Mardi Gras Bowl for Junior Achievement

Adopted Family for Christmas

Adopted Family for Christmas

2010 Mardi Gras Float Build

2010 Mardi Gras Parade Participation

Annual Polar Bear Dip and Membership Challenge

Parrot Heads Help Rebuild NW Florida

Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida Check Presentation

Wildlife Sanctuary of NW Florida Charity Yard Sale


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