2020 Officers

Gary Capen
(Voting Position)

V. Pres:
Pam Vick
(Voting Position)

Jan Fietz
(Voting Position)

Karen Porter

(Voting Position)


Events: Cathy Ward (Voting Position)
Mollie West (Voting Position)
 Ways & Means: ​Ashley Overstreet (Voting Position)
Membership: Sharon Capen (Voting Position)
Web Site:
Patrick Willi (Voting Position)
Birth Month:
Judy Rosemond (Voting Position)
Photographer: Tommy Rosemond (Voting Position)
Co-Founder: Becky Washington (Voting Position) - Does not count toward quorum
Co-Founder:   Diana Fordham (Voting Position) - Does not count toward quorum  

Officer, Committee Director, Committee Co-Director, and Co-Founder POSITIONS are eligible for a vote.
Individuals who serve two voting positions only get ONE vote.

Per the PHOP By-Laws, a quorum must be present to vote on club business.
A quorum is defined as 1/2 the voting board plus 1.

Currently 7 BOD members must be present vote on club business.


While general members and sub-committee members are not eligible for a direct vote,
EVERYONE is encouraged to attend the BOD meetings to participate in
discussions, present ideas, and lobby or endorse projects/ideas.



The Parrot Heads of Pensacola are people that enjoy the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle. We are a group of people that not only like to party, but enjoy getting involved in a variety of community and environmental services with the idea of doing something nice for the planet.




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